Other materials

3D Printing、MIM、HIP、Brazing、Spraying、Porous material、PM


Gas atomization process, spherical powder, low oxygen content, particle size controllable


wder, low oxygen content, uniform particle distribution, low density, good flowability


Gas atomization process, spherical powder, low oxygen content, uniform particle distribution, low density, good flowability

Zinc Powder

With advantages of high content of zinc metal, low content of impurities of lead and iron element, smooth and neat spherocrystal surface, large specific surface area, small bulk specific gravity, and less surface oxidation


High purity, ultra-fine powder, white, light yellow or light gray tetragonal, hexagonal or rhombic crystal system powder

Spherical tungsten powder

It has high strength, high hardness, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and excellent radiation shielding performance, etc.




It has low melting point, good wettability and fatigue resistance, and the volume of the solder expands slightly when it solidifies which is beneficial to eliminating shrinkage cavities; its low melting point can meet the needs of packaging of electronic


High entropy alloy is generally composed of 5 or more metal elements alloyed according to the equal molar ratio or approximately equal molar ratio. It’s usually with properties of high ductility, high strength, excellent wear resistance, excellent corrosi

Molybdenum Powder

High purity, corrosion resistance, heat and wear resistance, good electrical and thermal conductivity, strong chemical inertness, good thermal stability, and low oil absorption rate, low hardness, small wear value, non-toxic, odorless, tasteless, good dis


Excellent process performance, moderate melting point, good wetting performance and gap filling performance, excellent strength, plasticity, conductivity, corrosion resistance and other properties

Spherical Titanium Powder

High strength, low density, excellent corrosion resistance and good biocompatibility.

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