Chen Zhejie, Deputy Director of Heshan District, came to our company to guide the work of safety production.

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Leaders at all levels in Yiyang are concerned about the development of new materials industry and the construction of private economy.

On March 21,2024, Chen Zhejie, Vice President of the Party Group of Heshan District Government of Yiyang City, came to our subsidiary-Hunan Xinfang Tianjiu New Material Co., guide the work of safety production.

Deputy District Director Chen carefully checked our production facilities, fire protection facilities, emergency facilities, etc., affirmed the results of our standardized construction, but also pointed out the shortcomings of our safety production, and put forward targeted improvement suggestions.

The arrival of Deputy Director Chen has made all of our company feel great encouragement and motivation. After carefully listening to the suggestions of the leaders of the competent departments at all levels, the management team of our company promises that our company will focus on strengthening the construction of safe production, strive to improve production efficiency, continuously improve enterprise efficiency, live up to the economic development mission delivered by the party and the state, live up to the careful care of the leaders, live up to the profound friendship of the Yiyang people, lead all employees to actively explore and forge ahead, and create new achievements !

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