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Analysis of Advantages and Defects of Metal Powder Metallurgy Processing Technology

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2023/11/30 20:12

With the development of China's high-tech professional skills industry chain, metal powder metallurgy production of mechanical equipment parts because of the advantages of less/no drilling, and suitable for large-scale production. So, what are the advantages and disadvantages of metal powder metallurgy? Next, let's answer for everyone.

Advantages of metal powder metallurgy processing technology:

Metal powder metallurgy is suitable for producing the same appearance and a large number of commodities. It is a commodity with high production and processing cost such as transmission gears. Making metal powder metallurgy can greatly reduce the production cost.

Metal powder metallurgy can ensure the accuracy and symmetry of the composition of the data. Most of the refractory metals and chemicals, false aluminum alloys and porous structure data can only be made by powder metallurgy.

Since metal powder metallurgy can suppress the final limit of the compact, and does not require or very little subsequent mechanical processing and manufacturing, it can greatly save metal and reduce production costs. When making goods by metal powder metallurgy, the loss of metal is 1-5%, while when produced by general dissolution, the loss of metal may reach 80%.

Since the metal powder metallurgy processing technology does not melt the data in the whole process of data production, it is not afraid to penetrate into the residue produced by the clamp pot and deoxidizer, etc., and calcination is generally carried out in a vacuum pump and a reducing atmosphere, it is not afraid of air oxidation, and it will not pollute the data all the environment, so it is possible to produce high purity data.

metal powder metallurgy processing defects:

In the absence of large quantities, the size of the parts needs to be taken into account.

The cost of grinding tools is relatively higher than that of casting molds.

Above, the advantages and disadvantages of metal powder metallurgy are introduced in detail here. The professional skill of metal powder metallurgy (P/M) is a key professional skill of data preparation and molding. It is called the key to solve the problems of new technology and new data. It has the advantages of environmental protection, energy saving, building materials saving and output power. With advanced digital CNC machining center, processing equipment imported from Japan, 8 molding processing lines, strong technical force, complete testing technology, is specialized in the production of powder metallurgy gears, sintered filter elements, special-shaped precision structural parts and other iron-based, stainless steel, hard alloy powder metallurgy and other hardware products, is a set of powder metallurgy, metal powder injection molding MIM, precision casting as one of the comprehensive high-quality suppliers of hardware parts.

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