Powder metallurgy is the preferred choice for "green" automobiles

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  Powder metallurgy products used in automobiles are products with very high scientific and technological content, which can reduce the weight of automobiles and manufacturing costs, and have the effect of optimizing the production process of automobile industry products and improving the competitiveness of the automobile industry, and at present there are more than 400 kinds of powder metallurgy parts and components used in automobiles in the world.

  As a typical net end-form manufacturing technology, powder metallurgy has advantages in energy saving, material saving, environmental protection, economy, high efficiency and so on, which is gradually recognized and widely used by various industries; especially the application and rapid development of automotive powder metallurgy products, which pushes the powder metallurgy industry into the fast lane of development.

  In order to explore the specific application and development trend of powder metallurgy technology and products in the automotive industry, the reporter interviewed Prof. Han Fenglin, senior consultant of China Machinery General Parts Industry Association Powder Metallurgy Professional Association.

  Wide international applications, China has great potential

  Prof. Han introduced, powder metallurgy is metal powder as the basic raw material, with forming - sintering manufacturing metal products, a new metal forming technology. 1940, a large U.S. automobile company has used all the oil pump gears to powder metallurgy gears, from powder metallurgy structure parts in the automotive industry has taken root.

  According to the data show that in 2006, the total domestic production of powder metallurgy parts for 78.03 million tons, of which the production of powder metallurgy parts for automobiles has reached 28.877 million tons; in addition, on average, each light vehicle (including cars) in the use of powder metallurgy parts used in the progress of the weight of the situation, in 2006, the domestic average use of each car 3.97 kg, Japan 8.7 kg, North America is 19.5 kg. kilograms. In addition, the automotive industry is now pending the development of powder metallurgy parts application part, roughly engine parts for 16 to 20 kilograms, transmission parts for 15 to 18 kilograms, splitter parts for 8 to 10 kilograms, and other 7 to 9 kilograms. It can be seen that China's development of powder metallurgy automotive parts market potential is very large.

  Powder metallurgy parts can reduce the cost and vehicle weight

  Talking about the development and current situation of the production of powder metallurgy auto parts, Prof. Han said that the powder metallurgy parts used in automobile manufacturing are mainly sintered metal oil-bearing and powder metallurgy structural parts, the former is mainly produced by 90Cu-10Sn bronze, and the latter is basically made of iron powder as the basic raw material.

  The following are a few examples of the application of powder metallurgy technology: a powder metallurgy 64-tooth extractor drive gear, cost savings of about 40% over the parts cut and processed from steel, and the teeth of the gear do not require subsequent processing; a powder metallurgy automotive manual transmission synchronizer ring, and conventionally produced synchronizer ring compared to the cost can be reduced by 38%; a powder metallurgy composite planetary gear frame, its ultimate strength than cast iron Cutting parts 40% higher, while the cost is reduced by more than 35%…….

  From Prof. Han example of 12 kinds of powder metallurgy parts won various awards can be seen, at least 3 kinds of parts using selective compaction technology processing, 2 kinds of parts are made with temperature pressure technology, 6 kinds of parts are made of more than 2 different parts combined, in the combination of parts in a combination of parts is made of 18 powder metallurgy parts combined. Professor Han said that these award-winning parts show that powder metallurgy parts can not only replace cast iron parts, forged steel parts, cutting parts, labor saving, material saving, energy saving, reduce production costs, and can reduce the weight of the parts, which is conducive to automotive lightweight. More importantly, the development of powder metallurgy combination parts marks that some parts can only be manufactured by powder metallurgy technology, which has important technical and economic significance.

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