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ti6al4v powder price

One of the most crucial decisions you will make is the price of ti6al4v titanium metal powder for your rifle. This choice is made after taking into account a number of factors. The kind of gun, the manufacturer, and the cost are a few of these variables. However, there are a lot of other factors you should think about as well.


Ti6Al4V titanium powder from AP&C are ideal for MIM and coating applications. Powders made using their patented APATM Plasma Atomization process have exceptional flowability and packing density. The particles have a very low satellite content and a high sphericity. Additionally, it has been demonstrated that their particle size distribution satisfies industry standards.

One of the most popular titanium alloys is Ti-6Al-4V. It is extremely corrosion resistant and has a high strength to weight ratio. It can be applied to powder metallurgy, aerospace parts, and medical devices. It is frequently used in aerospace 3D printed components, including titanium fuselages.

Customers in the industrial, defense, and aerospace sectors have expressed interest in AP&C's powders. They are created using the APATM Plasma Atomisation method, which yields powders with a low satellite content that are highly spherical.

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