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ss316 powder

High-performance, chromium-free stainless steel powder known as SS316 is utilized in numerous industrial applications. The stainless steel powder is made to be strong and resistant to corrosion. Aerospace, automotive, medical and dental, and food and beverage equipment are all common applications for the SS316 powder. Plastics of all kinds are also made with ss316 powder. In point of fact, it serves as the primary component of plastics that are capable of withstanding abrasion and heat.

Particle shape and size distribution

On dispersed samples of three distinct powders in ethanol, the distribution of particle size and shape was examined with a DIA instrument. Particle size was found to strongly correlate with flowability, according to the findings. Additionally, the packing behavior of finer particles was advantageous.

The 'P' is the littlest harmony of the greatest harmonies. This metric was used to estimate a Hausner ratio that was comparable. A gas that is entrapped is indicated by a low skeletal density. Breakage risk is reduced by a lower energy input.

There are a few additional aspects of powder including the 316 stainless steel powder performance to consider in addition to the size distribution. Size and shape of particles may have little effect on mechanical properties, but they have a big effect on cohesive forces, adhesion, and flowability. The powder bed contained a number of tiny circular pores, as seen in optical micrographs.

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Corrosion resistance of stainless steel

Stainless steel is a material that resists corrosion and is utilized in numerous applications. However, if it is not handled with care, it may corrode in the wrong conditions. Corrosion comes in two forms: corrosion in crevices and pitting. When an opening in the protective oxide film is exposed to oxidizing media, pitting corrosion begins. There are small, deep holes as a result. When a material is exposed to a corrosive liquid, crevice corrosion begins.

Several factors influence the corrosion resistance of stainless steel powder. The chemical composition and inclusion size are two examples. It is also affected by the sintering environment.

The corrosion resistance of stainless steel powder is enhanced by its high nitrogen content. Additionally, it may offer enhanced resistance to pitting initiation. The carbon content can be as low as 0.015 percent thanks to today's melting processes.

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