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soldering jewelry

Soldering jewelry can be a terrific technique to fix or restore jewelry pieces, whether you're trying to make jewelry or repair broken jewelry. There are several types of solder, including lead-free solder, which is preferable for jewelry. This is crucial to understand since solder can corrode metals over time, therefore when welding jewelry, use a high-quality solder.

Preparing your metals

Preparing your metals for low temperature soldering is a critical stage in the jewelry-making process. Failure to do so may result in a soldering job that fails. To prepare your metals for soldering jewelry, follow these instructions.

First, any impurities in the metal must be removed. You can use 600 or 800 grit sandpaper for this. These sandpapers are excellent for removing dirt and impurities. After sanding, do not touch the sandpaper. You can also clean the metal with a pickle pot.

The metal must then be cleaned of any oxidation. To eliminate the oxidation, use a pickle solution. If you don't have a pickle pot, a hot water tap will suffice. This will remove the flux from the metal and prepare it for soldering.

Finally, any traces of grease must be removed from the metal. Solder cannot be used on filthy or greasy metal.

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