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silver brazing paste flux

Choosing the correct silver brazing paste flux is critical to achieving the greatest outcomes with your silver brazing procedure. There are several fluxes to choose from, including LA-CO, Stainless Light, and Alternate fluxes.


White brazing flux paste, unlike black brazing flux, can be used to braze practically any metal. It is made up of boron and fluorine. This flux is a popular choice for brazing silver alloys. It is suitable for applications requiring a temperature range of 538u00b0C to 927u00b0C.

The flux absorbs the oxides that develop during the heating process. It stops oxygen from entering the brazed portion during the operation. This aids in the prevention of oxidation.

Furthermore, brazing flux inhibits the creation of new oxides. The type of flux utilized is determined by the base metal being brazed. At lower temperatures, some base metals oxidize, while others create light oxides. The rate at which oxides develop is also affected by the type of filler metal used. If the filler metal is a silver alloy, it is more likely than copper to generate a lighter oxide.

If you are working with a high silver content alloy, the flux residues from the brazed joint must be removed. This can be accomplished by soaking the joint in room temperature water or by brushing it.

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