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silver brazing paste

The SSQ-6 Silver brazing paste is a compound for connecting metals that is both flexible and efficient. Fluoride is not included in it, which makes it suitable for a wide range uses of  silver brazing, from the automotive industry to general-purpose use.


The use of SSQ-6 silver brazing paste is an excellent method for joining two different metals together. This substance is used to connect several sorts of metals together, including stainless steel, cast iron, and others. Additionally, it can be used to clean stainless steel that has been oxidized. The amount of silver contained in this product is the greatest of any on the market. It does not contain any cadmium either.

Additionally, the SSQ-6 silver brazing paste is simple to apply. In most circumstances, the product is applied prior to heating the parent metal. When the temperature of the parent metal is at the point where it is optimal for functioning, the product will flow into the joint. As the component cools, the flux will remove any surplus material that may have been there. Because of this, you are able to get an attractive and professional finish.

When stored in a refrigerator, the SSQ-6 Silver Solder Paste has a shelf life of up to nine months but should be used within six months after opening. It comes in a syringe that has a cap on it as well as an end cap.

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There are a range of advantages to be gained when joining metals, appliances, or fittings by using silver brazing paste. The joints are strengthened, made more durable, and rendered resistant to corrosion in the process. Additionally, a leak-proof junction is produced by this method of brazing.

The use of filler metals that include cadmium can be replaced with an alternative known as silver brazing. In the process of connecting metals, this technique is frequently utilized. This is accomplished through the use of automatic machinery and at a high rate of production. Soldering with silver is another name for brazing with silver.

Brazing with silver is a technique that is frequently utilized in high-production metal joining processes. In order to accomplish this, the non-ferrous filler metal must first be heated to a very high temperature. As the liquid filler metal cools, it solidifies into a joint that is extraordinarily resilient. A robust and long-lasting junction is produced when the grain structure of the base metal and the grain structure of the filler metal interact with one another.

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