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silver alloy powder

    You need to be aware of some of the properties of the silver alloy powder you intend to use for silver brazing or soldering. In this article, we'll examine the characteristics of silver alloy powder and go over its preparation and application. We'll also talk about how it's used in the arts and how it reacts with water to corrode.

Preparation of silver alloy powder

The silver alloy powder is made using a variety of procedures. The use of thermal decomposition to create an alloy powder is one of these procedures. The use of a variety of different chemicals and materials may be necessary for this process. To create an alloy powder, it can also be done through physical means.

A chemical reduction process can also be used to create silver powder. With this technique, silver ions and a reducing agent are dissolved together. Then, a tank filled with a mixture of these materials is filled to a temperature of 50 degrees Celsius. For seven to sixty minutes, the solution is kept in the tank. After that, it is filtered and rinsed with water. A very small S.A of silver powder is produced by this process per mass.

By adding a combination of reducing agents and surfactants into a low temperature tank, it is possible to create an alloy powder with a controlled surface area. Depending on the desired surface area, the solution is retained in the tank for a predetermined amount of time.

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