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Metals that have been powdered can help bring down the price of the finished product during the manufacturing process. In fact, there are several methods for producing powdered metals that can lessen the need for subtractive processes and material waste.

Bismuth powder

Bismuth, also referred to as bismuth metal powder, is a soft, brittle, and silvery crystalline metal with lead-like metallurgical characteristics. This substance frequently exhibits iridescence and has a brilliant metallic sheen. Bismuth has a wide range of uses, including the creation of semiconductors, thermoelective materials, and permanent magnets. Additionally, it is a component of low-melting typesetting alloys and is used to coat selenium.

Bismuth is a diamagnetic element in addition to having metallic properties. Its high electrical resistance, which rises with the magnetic field, is caused by this property. Furthermore, among all metals, bismuth has the lowest thermal conductivity. It has the highest Hall effect among diamagnetic metals.

Because bismuth is not radioactive, it can be used without risk in industrial lubricants. Its half-life, however, is incredibly longu2014more than a billion times longer than the universe's age as it is currently believed to be.

Additionally, bismuth is a bad conductor of electricity. It can, however, enhance the machinability of steels. In fact, bismuth has long been used as an ingredient in alloys for typesetting.

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