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hardfacing powder

Hardfacing powder is essentially a material used to protect surfaces from wear and strain. It is utilized, for instance, for mining rollers. The material maintains the rolls' shape while boosting their longevity and hardness. It also helps to boost the machine's efficiency.


Hardfacing utilizes multiple procedures. An example of such a technique is Gas Tungsten Arc (GTA). This method is widely utilized in the mining and petrochemical industries. Laser hardfacing is an additional method. The latter alternative is extremely costly.

XRD can measure the microstructure of a hardfaced deposit. The XRD pattern of colmonoy 6 reveals Cr2B in the form of a nickel matrix. A network of nickel silicides, g-nickel dendrites, and borides compose the microstructure.

In the OL region of a multipass clad layer specimen, novel eutectic substructures were observed. The clad layer's coefficient of friction is lower than that of the unclad specimen. Moreover, this specimen has a faster cooling rate than the single pass layer.

Additionally, the dilution impact is evaluated. It has been demonstrated that a boronized weld overlay increases wear life by three to five times. This method is also employed in tribology research. The diluting effect is created by the disparity between the metals' melting points.

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