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aluminum bronze powder

Metalized aluminum bronze powder provides the highest possible wear resistance for applications involving steel. Its abrasion resistance is due to the presence of manganese and aluminum. This alloy is primarily employed in the naval industry. It is a stronger type of aluminum bronze than C954.

Metallized aluminum bronzes provide maximum wear resistance

In a variety of applications, metallized bronze aluminum powder provides maximum wear resistance. These powders are utilized in a variety of applications, such as propellers, pumps, heavy-duty guides, and other marine components. In addition, they are utilized in chemical and petroleum plants, industrial plants, aircraft, offshore hardware, construction industries, and mining equipment.

When selecting a material for a demanding application, these alloys are frequently the first to be considered. They exhibit exceptional corrosion resistance, good resistance to stress corrosion cracking, high ductility, and excellent fatigue strength. They are extremely resistant to biofouling, which makes them ideal for saltwater environments. In addition, they perform admirably as wear-resistant surfaces for metal-sprayed surface materials.

Also useful in fire safety systems where fouling is a concern are aluminum bronzes. Due to their high ductility and excellent resistance to stress and erosion, aluminum bronzes are preferred over other materials in these systems.

Aluminum bronzes are utilized in the petrochemical and steelmaking industries as well. They are also widely used as materials for metal-spray coatings. They are also utilized for explosive handling equipment and mine countermeasure craft. In addition, they have numerous applications in seawater piping systems.

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