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aluminium brazing paste

The aluminium brazing paste is crucial during the brazing process. It aids in sealing the metals together, making the joint stronger and less likely to crack. Additionally, it serves to keep the metal from corroding. Additionally, it fills in dents and cracks in the metal. This is crucial when joining devices made of aluminum.

Fluorine-type flux

Fluorine-type fluxes of various varieties have been suggested for aluminum brazing paste. The best fluxes for spraying are those of the fluorine type. Fluorine is a crucial component of aluminum brazing fluxes. Since fluorine dissolves the oxide film that builds up on aluminum surfaces, it is used in the brazing process. Fluorine also prevents the filler metal from flowing freely.

Fluorine-type fluxes are superior to chloride-type fluxes in a number of ways. Fluorine-type fluxes, for instance, have higher melting points. They are less prone to degradation because of the higher melting point. The ability to blend with the filler metal and paste vehicles is a benefit of fluorine-type fluxes. A variety of different ingredients can be used to create fluxes of the fluorine type.

Potassium fluoroaluminate is the main component of fluxes of the fluorine type. 60 to 50 weight percent aluminum fluoride and 40 to 50 weight percent potassium fluoride make up potassium fluoroaluminate. It is also possible to use fluxes of the fluorine type made from other fluorides.

AlF3-KF or KAlF4-K3AlF6 can also be used to create fluxes of the fluorine type. These fluxes can be used to braze materials made of aluminum that contain a lot of magnesium. They work well for air brazing as well. However, there shouldn't be an excessive amount of a-alumina in the flux. A-alumina tends to make aluminum more brittle when added in large quantities.

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