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Metal Tin Powder Nano-micron Sn

Nano-micron Sn is gaining popularity in the electronics industry despite its exorbitant cost. It is an essential substance since it is extremely durable and non-corrosive. It also has a high resilience to heat. Additionally, the material is manageable. Nonetheless, it is essential to understand how to preserve and utilize this material.

Preparation method

To create Metal Tin Powder Nano-micron Sn numerous preparation techniques have been utilized. These techniques include ball milling, ball milling with annealing, and spray drying. Other processes for preparing powder include satelliting, mechanical blending, and cladding.

The morphology and thermal stability of the agglomerates produced during powder production were examined. At room temperature and up to 650 degrees Celsius, diverse experimental outcomes were obtained from agglomerates of varying sizes. Figure 3b's XRD pattern (IV) confirms the production of SnO2 at ambient temperature. The production of SnO2 was also detected after heating at 650 degrees Celsius. XRD pattern (IV) suggests the b-Sn core is surrounded by a SnO2 layer.

The XRD patterns of produced nanopowders are indexed to the b-Sn phase with a tetragonal structure. Due to the creation of tin oxides, this occurs.

PVP was utilized as a surfactant. However, PVP was unable to prevent the production of Sn(OH)2 on the nanoparticles' surface. Additionally, carbonized black residue was identified in the carbonized black residue.

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