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Many factors, including dispersion, conductivity, and particle size distribution, need to be considered to create the crystalline structure of an ITO Powder and Ito Nano Powders. This article will examine these concerns in greater depth. As a result, we can learn more about ITO Powder and its applications in the business world.


The dispersion of ITO powder was subjected to a battery of characterization analyses. In this study, we found that ITO NPs with surface protrusions have extremely high water dispersion stability. The mist deposition technique could benefit from the water dispersion stability properties we've discussed. Similarly, protruding ITO NPs exhibit high conductivity, transparency, and chemical stability. Additionally, they require no pretreatment before being used for NP-mist deposition.

Adding powdered ITO to ion-exchanged water yielded a dispersion that was then used to test the NPs' stability in water. Powder was added to water, which was then stirred and agitated to produce C1, P1, and P2 water dispersions. ITO NP-mist was deposited using these water dispersions.

The powder's specific surface area was determined using the BET method. The ITO powder's or Ito Powder specific surface area varied between 20 and 100 m2/g. Quantachrome Instruments supplied an exclusive surface area measuring instrument.

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