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Bni2 Brazing Filler Metal Paste

Bni2 Brazing Filler Metal Paste is a fantastic product to use, regardless matter how much brazing experience you have or how new you are to it. It can be used in a number of applications, is simple to apply, and dries quickly.

XRD test results

The interface between C/C composite and TiAl alloy was complex, according to the results of the XRD tests performed on BNI2 Brazing Filler Metal Paste. The microstructure and mechanical characteristics of the junction were significantly influenced by the interlayer thickness of the composite filler.

XRD, SEM, and EDX were used to examine the interface structure. The interface was properly merged without any noticeable internal crack flaws. A brazed joint had good outward appearance. A trustworthy joining could be attained. High wetability was visible in the parent sheet and brazing seam.

Ti3Al, AlNi3 intermetallic complexes made up the major phases on the TiAl side of the brazed joint. On the side of the C/C composite, new intermetallic compounds were also discovered. The filler metal was in charge of regulating the interlayer thickness.

The interfaces' XRD investigation revealed the presence of multi-layered transition morphologies. There were no visible interior fracture problems when the joint interface was combined. Different brazing temperatures did not significantly alter the joint microstructure. The metallurgical connection was strong at the interface. At the interface, there was a lot of carbide. For dependable joining, carbides are required.

Additionally, XRD tests were performed on the brazed joint's TZM side. A FeTi-Ti3 phase appeared to be present at the contact. The contact had a significant amount of carbide that was distributed continuously.

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