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What is metal powder injection molding?

December 28,2022

MIM technology, ormetal powderinjection molding, is a new type of near final molding technology. It is the result of numerous disciplines interacting and intersecting, including plastic injection molding technology, polymer chemistry, powder metallurgy technology, and metal materials science. Through the rapid manufacture of high-density, high-precision, high-strength, three-dimensional complex shape of the structure of the parts through sintering, can quickly and accurately materialize the design ideas into a certain structure, functional characteristics of the products, especially some complex shape using mechanical processing and other technological methods of processing or difficult to process small p It not only has the advantages of traditional powder metallurgy techniques with fewer processes, no cutting or less cutting, and high economic efficiency, but it also has the advantages of low cost, high efficiency, and good consistency, which makes mass production easier.Metal powderinjection molding has been defined as "the most common component molding technology today" and "the forming technology of the 21st century". Although metal injection molding has been used for many years in the ceramics and plastics industries, it was only recently used in the powder metallurgy industry, so the market for metal powder injection molding products is still very limited, but it also shows that there is a huge potential market for metal powder injection molding products.

The process of metal powder injection molding.:

1. Preparation of metal powders.

The hydroxyl approach and the atomization process are the most commonly utilized raw material powder procedures for metal powder injection molding.

2. Bonding agent.

The bonding agent can make the powder fluid enough for injection molding, and the product's role in maintaining shape after molding.

3. Mixing.

Mixing occurs in a specific device and at a specific temperature, with the raw material powder and binder for mixing and fully effective mixing, homogenization, and in accordance with the process injection requirements.

4. Injection molding.

Allow the mixture to heat up in the injection molding machine via the screw stirring system, after which the injection molding machine feeding system will plasticize the mixture into the mold cavity and hold pressure to compensate for cooling shrinkage. When the part has sufficiently cooled and cured, the mold is opened and the portion is ejected with an ejector pin to acquire the raw part.

5. Degreasing.

The removal of all the binder from the molded blank. Degreasing can be done in two different ways: solvent extraction and thermal decomposition.

6. Sintering.

The metal powder injection molded product is rendered entirely dense or almost though by sintering. The sintering temperature variation must be managed during the sintering stage in order to achieve a high density of metal components while avoiding surface fractures and allowing the pieces to retain their original shape and have the same dimensional shrinkage.


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