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Preparation and Properties of Flake Zinc Alloy Powder

April 26,2023

Atomized zinc-aluminum alloy powder  is mainly used for the manufacture of flake zinc-aluminum alloy powder and an environmentally friendly high-corrosion-resistant coating——zinc-aluminum coating (also known as chrome-free Dacromet coating) powder is a Important functional new powder materials. Zinc-aluminum alloy powder is a powder galvanized material for steel structure; like the manufacture of flake zinc-aluminum alloy powder, zinc-aluminum coating can play an anti-corrosion effect on steel surfaces, such as railway systems, steel structure bridges, automobile manufacturing, ships, ports , docks, etc.; zinc-aluminum-based solder, ZnAl5 (melting point 382 ° C) is a zinc-based eutectic solder, suitable for brazing of pure zinc and zinc alloys; ZnAl15 (solid-liquid phase 425-460 ° C) can be used as aluminum- Universal solder for aluminum brazing and aluminum-copper brazing with good spreading properties and mechanical properties. Mainly used in environment-friendly high corrosion-resistant coating - zinc-aluminum coating (also known as chrome-free Dacromet coating) to protect the steel surface from corrosion.

The chromium-free zinc-aluminum coating prepared with flake zinc-aluminum alloy powder as the main raw material does not contain hexavalent chromium. At present, the key technology for the production of flaky zinc-aluminum alloy powder is mainly mastered by foreign companies, and there are few technical research reports on domestic related products, and no mature products are available for sale. Ball milling is one of the effective means to achieve powder tableting, but this method requires the powder to have certain ductility. During the ball milling process, the powder is mainly subjected to impact force, friction force, shear force and compression force. At some point, the powder begins to deform. The alloy powder is mainly affected by the impact force in the ball milling equipment, causing it to deform and peel off, minimizing the influence of friction and shearing force, and ensuring the diameter-thickness ratio of the powder. In this paper, the wet ball milling method is used to prepare flake zinc-aluminum alloy powder. The performance indicators of the prepared powder meet the standards of imported products, which can meet the requirements of environmental protection and high corrosion resistance.

Preparation process of ball-milled flaky zinc-aluminum alloy powder

Preparation process of flaky zinc-aluminum alloy powder: Add spherical zinc-aluminum alloy powder, ball milling solvent and ball milling aid into the ball mill, mix evenly, and start ball milling at a certain speed. When the particle size of the powder after ball milling reaches the requirement, stop the ball mill, transport the slurry to the centrifuge for solid-liquid separation, and send the centrifuged slurry to the vacuum dryer for drying. Finally, the dried flaky zinc-aluminum alloy powder is sieved to obtain the flaky zinc-aluminum alloy finished powder. The flaky zinc-aluminum alloy powder produced by wet ball milling is mainly used in the field of anti-corrosion coatings, and the largest amount is chrome-free zinc-aluminum coatings. The prepared flaky zinc-aluminum alloy powder and imported products were formulated into a chromium-free zinc-aluminum coating (three coatings and three baking), and the coating and the main performance indicators of the coating were analyzed and tested, as shown in Table 2, two The application performance indicators of the two are basically similar. It can be seen that the salt spray resistance of the prepared samples and the coatings prepared by imported products did not produce red rust after 720 h, reaching GB/T26110-2010 "Zinc-Aluminum Coatings" national standard level 4, which can fully meet the requirements of chromium-free zinc coatings. Requirements for the use of aluminum coatings.

High-quality flake Zn-Al alloy powders were prepared by wet ball milling. The ball milling process not only achieves the goal of flaky spherical zinc-aluminum alloy powder, but also realizes the surface modification of flaky zinc-aluminum alloy powder. The main performance indicators of the flaky zinc-aluminum alloy powder prepared by TIJO are very close to those of imported products, and the stability of the product in acidic or water-based coating systems is better than that of imported products. The application performance has been tested and can fully meet the requirements of high corrosion-resistant coatings.

Our zinc-aluminum alloy powder is produced by nitrogen atomization technology, with high alloying purity, high sphericity, controllable particle size distribution, powder thickness can be sieved, and products with different components and different particle sizes can be customized according to customer requirements. The alloy powder is light gray, uniform in color, dry without agglomeration, and without impurities.



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