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About Pure Copper Brazing Paste

December 28,2022


Welding workpieces are becoming smaller and more mass-produced as current automated industrial brazing and high-efficiency mass production advance, and the shape of the weld seam is becoming more diversified and complex. For effective automated soldering manufacturing, paste soldering materials - brazing pastes - are replacing traditional wire, ring, and strip soldering materials. In contrast to traditional copper alloy wire, rings, and thin strips of brazing material, the use of copper solder paste in conjunction with automatic dispensing equipment allows for the automatic coating of complex and shaped parts, and the parts to be soldered are brazed in a continuous brazing furnace after the coating, resulting in a continuous and automated welding process. The welded parts have a high joint strength, nice weld seams, and are corrosion resistant.


In pure copper brazing paste, also known as oxygen-free copper soldering paste or purple copper soldering paste, the main metal component is a pure copper powder of high purity, generally with a copper content of 99.9%, with a special binder and active additives, made through an advanced processing technology. Pure copper brazing paste, environmentally friendly and non-toxic, meets the EU ROHS standard, is an environmentally friendly soldering material, very friendly to personal safety when used, and is the best choice for field operators.


Pure copper brazing paste has stable performance, no lumping or precipitation in long-term storage, strong activity, good caulking, good fluidity, is very easy to operate and use, has a smooth and clean weld seam, and leaves very little residue at the weld mouth. The brazing temperature of pure copper soldering paste is 1100–1150 °C. The solder's processability is better than powdered brazing flux. It can be charged automatically and is particularly suitable for mass production. The subsequent treatment process after soldering is relatively easy and suitable for plating.


Pure copper brazing paste is primarily used to connect stainless steel, carbon steel,nickel-based alloys, andcopper-nickel alloys, as well as to weld copper orcopper alloys, stainless steel, iron, and other metals. It is also commonly used for brazing refrigerator fittings, automotive fittings, electrical and electromechanical jewelry, appliances, hardware equipment, and other similar applications. It is ideal for flame brazing in a protective atmosphere, furnace brazing, vacuum brazing, and other applications.


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