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316L Stainless Steel Powder Gel for injection molding

May 25,2023

Gel injection molding is the process of mixing metal powder with organic gel and injection molding to obtain the desired shape.

For gel injection molding of 316L stainless steel powder, the following are possible process steps and points:

Material preparation: take  316L stainless steel powder  and suitable organic gel. A gel is usually a polymer matrix that provides fluidity and viscosity for injection molding.

Gel ratio: According to the performance and shape required by the finished product, determine the ratio of 316L stainless steel powder to gel. The ratio needs to consider the particle size of the powder, the fluidity of the gel and the sintering characteristics after molding.

Mixing: Mix 316L stainless steel powder with gel to make it evenly dispersed. Mixing can be by mechanical agitation, sonication or other appropriate methods to ensure thorough mixing of powder and gel.


Injection molding:

Inject the mixed gel into the mold, and shape it by pressing and heating. Injection molding can be performed using conventional injection molding equipment and processes.

Gel Removal: After molding, the gel needs to be removed from the metal substrate. This can be achieved by heat treatment or by dissolving the gel. Heat treatment typically involves exposing the sample to high temperatures to burn or carbonize the gel, followed by debinding and sintering.

Sintering and post-processing:

After degumming, 316L stainless steel is sintered and post-processing. During sintering, the sample solidifies at high temperatures and the particles bond together. Post-processing may include heat treatment, surface treatment and machining to further improve the material's properties and surface quality.

Gel injection molding can realize the manufacture of complex shapes and details with high molding precision. However, the process also needs to consider issues such as gel removal and sintering shrinkage to ensure that the quality and performance of the final product meet the requirements. In practical applications, sufficient process optimization and verification are required to obtain a 316L stainless steel powder gel injection molding process that meets the requirements.


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