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TIJO mainly uses GA process to produce spherical metal powder,and provides customized spherical metal powder of PREP, PS processes and so on.

VIGA(VIGA(Vacuum Induction-melting Gas Atomization))


1. Liquid conduit 2. Airflow boundary 3. With strip 4. The particles 5. Powder collection area

The VIGA principle is shown in the figure. The process involves heating the raw material in an intermediate frequency induction furnace in a vacuum-operated ambient sink and melting it in an inert atmosphere (such as nitrogen or argon). It keeps the oxygen content of metal alloys to a minimum. Inert gas flows through a supersonic nozzle, impinges, atomizes, and breaks the molten metal into small droplets that solidify into spherical metal powder.

VIGA process can control alloy powder composition and low oxygen content well.

VIGA is mainly suitable for the preparation of powder of iron based alloy, nickel based alloy, cobalt based alloy, aluminum based alloy, copper based alloy and so on. The fine powder (0-45μm) prepared by this method has a high yield.

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