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Changsha TIJO Metal Materials Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as TIJO) was established in 2010. Our company introduced the atomization pulverizing technology from the Powder Metallurgy Research Institute of Central South University, integrating research, development, production and sales of metal powders and alloy powders. It is a new material technology enterprise with strong research and development strength in aerosol pulverizing, with an annual capacity more than 10000 tons.

Now, TIJO major products included stainless steel powder (316L), soft magnetic alloy powder (Fe-Si6.5), nickel based high-temperature alloy powder (Inconel 718), aluminum alloy powder (AlSi10Mg), brazing powder (BNi-2), etc.

The metal powder supplied by TIJO is suitable for 3D printing, powder spraying and laser cladding, powder metallurgy, metal powder injection molding, hot isostatic pressing, brazing processing and other processes. It has a wide range of applications in powder metallurgy products, 3C product structural components, magnetic materials, mold manufacturing, metal coatings, metal filters, medical devices, and other fields.

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